Our Vision is

to be a Spiritual Innovation platform.

Healing is "the magic of love"

Healing is “healing of separation by integration”.
For example, psychopathology has the term “schizophrenia,” which refers to a group of uncontrollable symptoms that cause inconsistent thoughts and behaviours.
Healing means to regain integration, unity, and wholeness from the state of detachment.

“Separation” and “dissociation” appear as various phenomena and psychology.
It can be expressed in words such as panic, chaos, confusion, dissociation and error, which means that they are all in a state of increasing entropy.

People often call that direction of unification “healing is the magic of love”.

If you read this and thought, “Healing is basically Negentropy!”, This is the correct answer. The purpose of XCI is to develop spiritual leaders and or compile these programs so that everyone can enjoy Negentropy properly even if they do not understand Negentropy.

Spread spiritual counselling services anywhere in the world.

via the constructed meditation centre.

There are various businesses planned and developed by the Verities, but we are developing the contents and providing services with the aim of developing spiritual leaders.

Healing content is also distributed, but first of all, we provide an opportunity for healing so that you can accept yourself true nature, and then provide an educational program for those who want to play an active role as a supporter who supports progress.

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the Verities org

We become independent from our parent company, ABUNDANTIA Corp(Established in 2007 ), and was Established in Apr 2020 for Internationalize of Spiritual Education Business. Now we are offering the opportunity for spiritual education to everyone who can receive it.

And through these businesses, at this moment, the world will become more peaceful and humanity will develop.

You can also get the most wonderful spiritual experiences from us and grow your life and beautiful moments.

Raphael Shibayama