To Advance Learning

As you study every day, you may wonder, “Then, at what stage am I?”

Therefore, although it is a minor update, we have created a simple progress guide, so please see or download it here.

We look forward to your future support for THE VERITIES and XCI.

PDF ( ver1.1 - 23/OCT/2020 )

About Professional Class

After this term

This is a class chart for advanced students that can be taken in terms after the fall of 2020.

* There is currently no particular order for learning advanced classes. Because it is a specialized course

Please try to learn from the place you are interested in.


 ! Dear Students

・Asset Healing

 ・Rose Brilliant Clairvoyance(旧薔薇の透視ヒーリング)





 ・Holy Channeling Ⅱ “Sacraments of Glory”


透視ヒーリング“Rose Brilliant”の各スキルとの強い相補性がありますので

Holy Channeling Ⅰ “Hymn” (旧 Holy Channeling)を受講済みの方は、