Online Meditation Ticket [One time ticket/5 coupons]


This is a 75-minute regular meditation session participation ticket held three times a month. You can purchase from one time, and you can pre-purchase the participation right for up to 5 times.

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2022年冬 瞑想会予定


1月14日(金)10:30~11:45 テーマ「今年1年の晴れ姿チャネリング」

1月15日(土)10:30~11:45 テーマ「仕事運上昇ヒーリング」

1月20日(木)16:00~17:15 テーマ「金運上昇ヒーリング」




・ Zoomを利用したリモートが基本ですので、場所等は特に勘案せずに済みます。

・ スイス・京都でたまに対面で集まることもあります。

・ 1回25フラン、5回分(利用期限は購入の日から1年間)まとめて100フランの2パターンから選べます。

・ お支払いは日本円での振り込みの場合は1回3,000円、5回分の場合は12,500円です。※各税込




・ スピリチュアル座学(15分程度)



・ 誘導瞑想(30分程度)


・ チャネリングメッセージ(15分程度)


・ 運営者のご紹介(10分程度)


・ 休憩(5分程度)


・ 質疑応答(任意)










1回分購入の場合 → 1回消化で終了

5回分購入の場合 → 以降同URLからいつでもご参加いただけます。






It is a ticket to participate in the regular meditation meeting three times a month.

* If you do not want to register your personal information due to privacy reasons, please contact us by e-mail with your name and desired schedule. We will inform you as appropriate.

2022 winter meditation meeting scheduled

January dates and themes

January 14th (Friday) 10: 30-11: 45 Theme “Channeling about your moment of glory in this year”

January 15th (Sat) 10: 30-11: 45 Theme “Healing for rising work luck”

January 20th (Thursday) 16: 00-17: 15 Theme “Healing for rising fortune”


・ Since the remote uses Zoom, you do not have to consider the location.

・ Sometimes, we meet face-to-face in Switzerland and Kyoto.

・ You can choose from 2 patterns of 25 francs at a time, five times (the expiration date is one year from the date of purchase) and 100 francs at a time.

・ Payment is 3,000 yen for one transfer in Japanese yen and 12,500 yen for five payments. * Each tax included



The usual content is as follows.

・ Spiritual lecture (about 15 minutes)

You can study basic spiritual philosophies that even beginners can quickly learn.

Mainly knowledge useful for meditation such as aura, chakra, and place setting.

・ Guided meditation (about 30 minutes)

The theme is different from time to time. Please check the piece on the calendar or contact us using the email form.

・ Channeling message (about 15 minutes)

We will channel and convey useful messages to each participant.

・ Introduction of the operator (about 10 minutes)

Information about THE VERITIES, XCI.

・ Break (about 5 minutes)

There will be a break of about 5 minutes.

・ Q & A (optional)

At the end of the meeting, we will answer questions from participants, but if necessary.

So if you are not in a hurry, please ask us.


<How to participate>

You can apply from this page to purchase the right to participate.

If you make a payment by Paypal or wire transfer after applying

We want to ask you about your participation schedule.

Please make a reservation as appropriate.

We will inform you of the static URL of Zoom when the first schedule is confirmed.

In the case of a one-time purchase → Finished with one-time digestion

If you purchase five times → , you can participate from the same URL after that.

However, please note that reservations must be made at least two days before in advance.

(Please make the first application at least five days before the day of the meditation session event due to the management of the event. I appreciate your understanding.)


Scheduled to be held (school event schedule calendar)

* If you don’t mind, please add it to Google Calendar 🌸

Additional information

Ticket Type

One time, Five coupons


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