Clairvoyance Healing Session – PERSONALGIFT(7 discounted gift coupon)


It is an ordinary healing session (perspective channelling + sacred geometry) for 90 minutes each.

Remote healing by phone or Zoom is primary, but face-to-face is also available if you wish.













・ 仕事や上司との関係がうまく行かない(個人)。

・ パートナーや家族との関係が上手く行かない。

・ (相続や友人関係など)トラブル続きで疲れてきた。



・ 他人との距離感がわからなくなった。

・ 将来どうしていいかわからなくなった。



< 注意 > 現実に変化が起こったとしても焦らないでください。(贈与される方にも必ず注意喚起をお願いいたします。免責は全ての利用者に対し有効です)















Seven times Remort Healing Gift Coupon by Clairvoyance channelling

Those who want to give a remote clairvoyance healing to their family and friends.

It is a book of 7 tickets to ordinary clairvoyance healing sessions (perspective channelling + sacred geometry) for 90 minutes each.

Also, you can use it by yourself, but in principle, please give it to someone at least once.

Remote healing via phone or Zoom apps is primary, but face-to-face is also available if you wish. (Transportation travel expenses required)

If you receive healing for the first time and then continue to receive healing, As usual, recommended to receive healing every other week for three months.

Even if you have already received healing, many people will receive healing regularly for maintenance purposes for a few years after you start receiving it, so it is a specification that can be used even in that case.


Free for one time, Valid for one year.

With this ticket, you can receive one free access, so the total is seven.

The expiration date is one year, so please use it when you want to use it.


This healing is intended for individuals.

So please use it when you need treatment, mainly for healing related to human relations.

*Business consultations are excluded in advance.

・ The work and the relationship with your boss do not go well (individual).

・ Relationships with partners or family do not go well.

・ When you are tired of troubles (inheritance, friendship, etc.).



・ When you don’t understand the sense of distance from others.

・ When you don’t know what to do in the future.

Even if you have an individual-specific issue, we can handle it.


<Caution> Please do not rush even if a change occurs in reality.

Healing is usually expected to cause changes within a few days to a week. Still, this change is due to changes in the previously stagnant situation, which may be inconvenient for you. Even if it happens, it is premature to judge that it has deteriorated due to healing.

This is because, in most cases, healing will help you unravel your inner squirrels and start moving in the direction you should be.

(in some cases, there will be no change, but It is also premature that you assume “it was ineffective”.  Because sometimes it may stay due to internal changes).

* Since the spiritual session provided by our company is a kind of counselling service, we are not responsible for the fruit that depends on the person’s words and actions.

How to use the gift ticket

1. 1. For acquaintances, friends, colleagues, family members, etc. who can use it as appropriate after purchase,

① Name

② Contact information

③ About the purpose and the problems and worries that the person has if you understand

Would you please let us know by e-mail (

2. 2. After that, we will confirm your intention to use the gift and adjust the schedule from here.

(It will be smooth if you explain what kind of healing can be by introducing this page.)

* In principle, it will be a one-on-one session with those who can receive healing. In the case of face-to-face healing, if you come with the person who will use the gift, you will have to wait in a separate room or a separate seat. Please note.


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