Learn Spiritual Literacy

The first learning of spiritualities to acquire accomplishments from meditation.

Origin of all healing technique

Meditation and some theories are mentioned as the main objectives of healing mastery, as all healing techniques are based on the healer’s concentration and depth of insight.

We can offer you the opportunity to learn, and we have a learning mechanism. So you don’t have to worry if you can learn. No mental sensations or talents are needed.

Know your spiritual freedom

“How can we follow the call of the heart?”

most person who want to learn spiritual things do.

We can answer this question. The answer is “focus”. Anyone anxious or unwilling loses concentration. For example, “Is this necessary for me?” “What kind of work is right for me?”

Our answer is “focus. It will be clear.”

And in many cases, it will free you from many worries and hesitations.




  1. The basic theory of Healing Mechanism 1 … 2Lessons
  2. The basic theory of Spiritual Concepts … 2Lessons
  3. Pray – Adaptation to Holy meditation. … 2Lessons
  4. Meditation step0 for beginners – Technique of Concentration … 2Lessons
  5. Introduction of Spiritual Career and how to reflect in our life. … 2Lessons

Class Goals

To understand what spiritual Learning is.


"Rose Quartz"

  1. Pray … 2Lessons
  2. Channeling Step0 … 2Lessons
  3. Meditation  Step1 … 3Lessons
  4. Healing Method for beginners … 3Lessons
  5. Ethics of Spiritual Healing … 1Lesson
  6. Expression by Sensitivity … 2Lessons
  7. Place Setting for beginners … 1Lesson
  8. Trial Guided Meditation … 1Lesson

Class Goals

To prepare for learning to Higher-self channelling and holy meditation.



  1. Meditation with Affirmation … 2Lessons
  2. Channelling Step1 … 2Lessons
  3. Healing Method 1 … 2Lessons
  4. Counselling Techniques 1 – Basic Counseling Skill … 3Lessons
  5. Holy Channeling Step0 … 1Lesson
  6. The Spiritual Wealth 1 … 2Lessons
  7. Holy Session Step0 … 1Lesson

Class Goals

To prepare for learning to Asset Healing, holy channelling and energy healing = “The magic”.

Other Info

Course format, etc.

  • All lessons x 120 minutes ( 90 minutes lecture + 15 minutes break + 15 minutes Q & A )
  • you can usually participate 2 classes a day
  • The maximum number of students is 14 per class.
  • Classes are usually held 3 days a week on Wednesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays (the week’s days vary slightly depending on the week, but they are usually allocated on weekdays and Saturdays).
  • Beginners are basically remote lessons on the WEB via Zoom. (You can take classes in the WEB classroom from this XCI site page or a Zoom meeting room).

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Update: 28/Jan/2021

Class Schedule


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