God heals.

What does heal us?

 Various opinions and interpretations have been developed as to what heals us, but it seems that their opinions differ greatly depending on the definition of the word “Healing”.

 In our case, <Healing> means the state of tolerance and harmony with the collapse of aggression and self-love, as represented by integration and separation.

 In this case, it is none other than yourself who creates the state of acceptance and harmony.

But in most cases, healing yourself is extremely difficult. first of all, it is often difficult to stay calm, and even if you stay calm, you almost never have the expertise to know what part to do. so, self-healing is not so realistic.


On what basis do we judge you were healed?

 It is very difficult to define that clearly. However, we dare to refer to “Changing psychological habits.”

 For example, you’ve been angry about an some kind of event until it was healed, but you never got angry about that event after that healed.

4 steps of healing

 What is the process of healing?

 This section will introduce you to the healing processes that we consider most effective.

Phase 0 to 1

 First, something changes happened after being healed by XCI. Initially, accepting the change is difficult with a certain probability. and in some cases it is slightly painful and troublesome.

Phase 2

But even if it doesn’t heal, the potential wounds and emotions you previously changed will occur. In most cases, it will be forgotten in a few days.

※If the changes are unacceptable or unforgettable, we recommend that take heal again. 

Phase 3

 It takes a few days ( the shortest case is 10-20 days. and will takes 1-2 months if the time is slow) until it becomes fixed and becomes ordinary.

 Almost that days are much less stressful than you previously imagined.

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