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Annual healing 2 – Asset Healing


TODAY’S HEALING : Asset healing

Thank you as always for receiving our healing programs.


Today’s healing theme is ” No separation with share love in about wealth.”

In other words, the healing is in about “Sharing”

Still now, we healed about the “share” but this time,

more deeply experience of the healing work. especially the depth of your heart.

On one word “share” we say, you may think

  • Let us share with no damage or no trouble.
  • I dislike share with someone I hate.
  • I may have shared with my family.
  • Yes of cause I’ll share with someone if it will become my interest!


May you have these set out in your mind with unconciousness?

So, Today’s healing is about the “Separations of the Wealth”

I think there are many persons that good for you or not.

If the person does not match your interest, you may think the person will not understand each other, or you can choice do not share with the person.

the situation is called “Separations of the Wealth”.

When you invest for something or study your own self, also when you choose your partner, maybe you think ” I don’t want to fail! ”

What if you can fail or accept to the incorrect without fear, you have many chances with you’d be a better feeling.

or the setting will change,

  • Don’t mind, everyone has a lot of money, so if you failed, no damage, no need fear.

If the world becomes in that situation, what do think or feel? How do you live every day?

When healing this, I was feeling encouragements and very cheerfully impression.

In the same time, I was so convinced I can trust each other and feel the gratitude about that awareness.

We’ll be harmonize with the verities of universe.

In that time, many changes are realized. but please be calm and breath,

you may sense the earth’s energy and your heart.

Report / Healer


For those who have not received the healing program yet

I hope you know what kind of healing you are doing.
I thought it would be good if it was useful.

From now on
You can receive it 3 times a month for 2022.
1st Wednesday; Healing of Aura Chakra
2nd Wednesday; Partnership Healing
3rd Wednesday; Asset Healing
It is done in the most effective order for purification.

You will receive automation healing no matter what you are doing.
It is an annual healing to cherish your time so that you do not have to bother to apply every time.

May the light of oneness reach as many people as possible.
May your life be enriched and filled with love.
I pray.

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